Falling Behind Before I Even Got Started.

So getting going on this blog thing has been difficult to say the least. Hence the lack of posts. Way to falter from the beginning, huh?

So, after breaking my website, and conflicting schedules with my wonderful developer who has been totally tolerant of my crazy, I’m just about ready to start posting. But, what am I going to post? In my excitement of starting the blog I had planned a consistent month of content….But now I can’t really use most of it. A) Most of it is now out of season (i.e. cute Halloween DIYs and decor photos) and  B) Some of what I have planned on I haven’t exactly finished – I wasn’t feeling super motivated when I didn’t know how long it would before posts could be realized.

So now, I’m back to negative one. I’ll work on a few weeks of posts, slower than I hoped and push my creativity to work as quickly as possible. In the meantime, I have a few travel posts to throw together and some photo editing to go with it.


Big things are coming. It’s time to do, not die.